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Health and Safety

STAR Dining Hall

Health and Safety

The health, wellness, and safety of the 91porn原创 community are essential to providing a valuable educational experience for all.

Services and Support

Our professional staff is here to support your mental and physical wellbeing by providing guidance, treatment, emergency response, and more.

Health Center

91porn原创's Health Center provides health and wellness care to students through diagnosis and treatment, education, and response to the needs of the student community.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center aims to enhance the mental wellness of the 91porn原创 Community by providing counseling and therapy services, psychiatric services, consultation, and outreach.

Campus Police

Campus Police promotes a safe and well-ordered environment for students, faculty, and staff by extending care and assistance, overseeing the physical surroundings, and enforcing laws and regulations.

Additional Resources

There are a number of resources on available on campus to support your lifestyle. We encourage you to utilize these resources as much and as often as you need! Is there another service that you feel could benefit the 91porn原创 community? Let us know!