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1200 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018


Undergraduate Admissions

Office of Admissions
Phone: (610) 861-1320
Email: admission@moravian.edu
Website: moravian.edu/admissions
Request Info: moravian.edu/request-info

Graduate & Continuing Studies Admissions

Office of Admissions
Phone: (610) 861-1400
Email: graduate@moravian.edu
Website: moravian.edu/graduate
Request Info: moravian.edu/request-info

School of Professional Studies & Innovation

Office of Admissions
Phone: (610) 861-1440
Email: spsi@moravian.edu
Website: moravian.edu/school-professional-studies-innovation
Request Info: moravian.edu/spsi-request-info


Phone: (610) 861-1366
Email: alumrel@moravian.edu
Location: Alumni House
Website: moravian.edu/alumni

Campus Police

Phone: (610) 861-1421
Email: dillardv@moravian.edu
Location: 119 W. Greenwich Street
Website: moravian.edu/campuspolice

Disability & Accommodation Services

Phone: 610-861-1401
Email: asc@moravian.edu
Location: HUB, Lower Level
Website: moravian.edu/disabilityandaccommodations

Financial Aid

Phone: (610) 861-1330
Fax: (610) 861-1346
Email: finaid@moravian.edu
Location: Colonial Hall, 1st floor
Website: moravian.edu/financialaid

Help Desk

Phone: (610) 861-1500
Email: help@moravian.edu
Location: Reeves Library, lower level


Phone: (610) 861-1492
Email: housing@moravian.edu
Location: Student Life Office, 1301 Main Street
Website: moravian.edu/rlh

Human Resources

Phone: (610) 861-1527
Email: hr@moravian.edu
Location: Colonial Hall, 3rd floor
Website: moravian.edu/hr

Media Inquiries

Phone: (610) 861-1365
Cell: (484) 225-6971
Email: corrm@moravian.edu
Location: Colonial Hall, 206

Office of Student Accounts

Phone: (610) 625-7142
Email: studentaccounts@moravian.edu
Location: Colonial Hall, 1st floor


Phone: (610) 861-1350
Fax: (610) 625-7871
Email: registrar@moravian.edu
Location: Monocacy Hall, 3rd floor
Website: moravian.edu/registrar


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