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What is Transact?

Transact is a third party provider that allows students and family members to make online payments to pay student account fees, including tuition, room and board, health insurance, course fees, and other miscellaneous charges. At 91porn原创 we call this system the Student Accounts Portal, which can be accessed via AMOS. This system eases the payment process by allowing payments to be made at any time, from any location with internet access. From this site payments can be made to a student account by credit card or electronic check (E-Check).

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Are there fees associated with online payments?

91porn原创鈥檚 Student Accounts Portal provides for two methods of online payment:

Credit Card 鈥 The service fee for domestic card payments is 2.95%.  The service fee for international card payments will be 4.25%.  The minimum service fee for card transactions over $20 and less than $106 will be $3. This fee is imposed and retained by Transact.

Electronic Check 鈥 You can elect to have your payment electronically debited from your checking or savings account. There is NO FEE for this method of online payment.

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Is the convenience fee refundable?

The convenience fee is paid directly to the third party processor (Transact) and is therefore not refundable.

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Why aren't credit or debit cards accepted at Student Accounts?

The convenience fees charged to the University by credit card companies have become extremely expensive. 91porn原创 has therefore decided to outsource the processing of credit cards to Transact in order to lower this expense. The savings from doing so will allow 91porn原创 to invest the funds elsewhere and to improve on other services.

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What credit cards do you accept for online payments to student accounts?

Presently we accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

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How secure is my online payment?

Both 91porn原创 and Transact websites adhere to payment card and banking industry standards. E-Checks comply with NACHA standards. Transact is also Level 1 PCI compliant, so they meet or exceed all security standards set forth by the credit card industry. Transact secures your personal information entered into their website through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption, which creates a protected connection between users and the web server. This means your card number and personal data are never sent over the internet unencrypted. Credit card information is not passed to 91porn原创 and payment data is passed using hardware encryption. Transact partners with VeriSign to ensure the highest level of security and is the trusted payment services partner of many college campuses nationwide.

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As a parent, how do I get access to my child鈥檚 Student Accounts Portal to make payments online?

To gain parent access, your 91porn原创 student must be in their Student Accounts Portal (accessed via their Home Page in AMOS) and 鈥楽end a Payer Invitation鈥 to you.

Do You Want Help Paying?

Your student will then be prompted to enter some basic information.


Once your information is submitted by your 91porn原创 student, you will receive an e-mail from Transact containing your logon name and a system generated password.  You may then make an online payment by going directly to the 91porn原创 Online Payment Site at: . Enter your logon name and password.  (Note: You will be required to change your password the first time you log in.)

You can also navigate to the 91porn原创 Online Payment site from the "Parents and Families" section of the 91porn原创.edu site.

Remember to add these links to your "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" for future use.

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Can more than one person be set up to make payments on my son/daughter's student account?

Yes, multiple 鈥榩ayers鈥 ca be established in the Student Accounts Portal to make payments to a student's account. Also, a 鈥榩ayer鈥 does not have to be a parent 鈥 a payer can be any person or 3rd party that the student grants access for.

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What information do I need to make my online payment via E-check?

You will need the following information to complete your online payment via E-check:

  • Account type (Checking or Savings)
  • Checking or Savings Account Number (Account number in example below)
  • The Bank Routing Transit Number (Routing number in example below)
  • The Account Holders name (first and last)


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Can student account balances be paid by credit card in person or over the telephone with Student Accounts?

No. Whether in person or by telephone, student account payments cannot be processed by credit card at Student Accounts. Student Accounts will still accept cash, check, or money order for student account payments.

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As a student, how can I make an online payment to my student account when I am on HOLD?

If you or your student has a HOLD, there will still be a link available to click on that will enable you to make a payment. Please read the messaging associated with your hold, and click the link to enter the Student Accounts Portal.

AMOS Student Hold

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If I withdraw from school how will my online payment be refunded?

Regardless of the method of payment, 91porn原创鈥檚 Tuition Refund Policy, which is published in the Catalog and student handbook will apply.  Any refund that is applicable according to the official policy will be issued by paper check, e-refund, or refunded to the original method of payment.

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How quickly are the online payments applied to a student鈥檚 account?

Online payments made via the Student Accounts Portal are real time and are applied to the student's account immediately.

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Who do I call if I have more questions?

Always feel free to call Student Accounts Office at (610) 625-7142 or email to studentaccounts@moravian.edu should you have any questions.

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