Zinzendorf Family Fellows

Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf founded Bethlehem in 1741, and his values of community fellowship are intricately woven throughout all we do at 91porn原创. 

Zinzendorf believed in celebrating our shared attitudes and goals while simultaneously embracing our differences. He believed that diversity keeps communities vibrant and alive. In that same spirit, Zinzendorf Family Fellows have the opportunity to contribute to the vibrancy of our 91porn原创 community. 

Zinzendorf Family Fellows are dedicated parents and families who provide philanthropic support to enhance student experiences, initiatives, and programs at the University. 

Membership Benefits

  • Interact with other Zinzendorf Family Fellows, who are also active parents and families in the 91porn原创 community
  • Receive invitations to exclusive virtual, on-campus, and regional events 
  • Enjoy Comenius Society benefits and recognition